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Technology Design for Agencies

Responsive Development Services

We focus on developing fast, responsive websites for agencies and studios in need of a web and mobile technology expert. We’ll take your vision, design and content and render it meticulously using the latest cross-platform, SEO-friendly techniques. Whether the website is a “brochure site” or a complex marketing tool complete with A/B Testing, Landing Pages and Lead Capture tools, we treat each project as if it were are own client.

We love beautiful, semantic code that stands the test of time. Sit back, we’ve got this.

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Dan Satterfield portrait

Dan Satterfield is owner and lead director and developer at Fusion Web Development. He founded the company in 2004 after moving with his wife to Chandler, Arizona from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has over 23 years experience as a designer and art director, and over 20 years experience in web development. Dan developed his first websites in the era of AOL, dial-up and Netscape.

“At the rate technology changes, you really have to keep pace with the trends. It’s a learning process every day, and I love that about it.”